What does it include

  •  10 mins Herbal Foot Bath and Scrub
  • 60 mins Signature Slimming Body Massage
  • 30 mins Full Body Scrub
  • 30 mins Body Mask and Wrap ( Including head and face massage )
  • 20 Mins Steam & Sauna / Shoulders & Back Massage / Ratus / Ear Candling
  • 20 mins Herbal bath in Jacuzzi Pool
  • Shower
  • Applying Body Lotion
  • Complimentary : Healthy Snack and Ginger Tea / Green Tea / Fresh Fruit Juice
  • Gift

  • Duration
  • Approximately 3 Hours

Choices of Body Scrub

Traditional Boreh

Choices of Body Mask

Traditional Boreh

Benefits for skin


Helps reduce flab and cellulite, firm skin and increase skin elasticity. It also helps to fight stubborn fat while bringing absolute pleasure and relaxation to your body.

Traditional Boreh

Combination of traditional herbs with warming properties that energizes and rejuvenates tired body. It helps relieve muscle aches , increase blood circulation and disperse wind from the body. It is also believed to be effective in relieving rheumatic aches, stiffness and as a cure for headache.

How Much It Costs?

RP 740.000