What does it include

  • 5 mins Aromatic Rose Petals Foot Bath and Scrub
  • 60 mins Relaxing Aromatic Full Body Massage
  • 30 mins Full Body Scrub
  • 10 mins Steam Or Sauna
  • 15 mins Milk Bath with Rose Petals in Jacuzzi Pool & Shower
  • Applying Body Lotion
  • Compliments : Chamomile Tea / Chrysanthemum Tea / Jasmine Green Tea

  • Duration
  • Approximately 2 Hours

Choices of Aroma Oil


Choices of Body Scrub


Benefits for skin


Provides increased elasticity to the skin , decreases anxiety and stress and makes the skin smoother and softer.


The Lavender fragrance helps people to sleep well. This essential oil is quite effective in providing relief against anxiety and stress by soothing the nerves. It also aids in providing sound sleep. This oil is also very useful for those who have the condition of insomnia.


Used in body massage which helps in improving blood and lymph circulation in the body. It also increases the activity of muscles, glands and nervous system, thus providing renewed vigor to the skin and body. Roses not only make the skin softer they also tone the skin due to it’s mild astringent action. It is also a great remedy for relieving aches like muscle and menstrual cramps.

How Much It Costs?

Rp 470.000


 Try Traditional Boreh Massage Oil and Body Scrub at additional Rp 50.000
Benefits of Traditional Boreh :
Combination of traditional herbs with warming properties that energizes and rejuvenates tired body. It helps relieve muscle aches , increase blood circulation and disperse wind from the body. It is also believed to be effective in relieving rheumatic aches, stiffness and as a cure for headache.